rehabilitative technology

physiotherapy, weight training, dumbbells @ Pixabay

The word “rehabilitation” has always been an oxymoron. But for those of us with degenerative neurological conditions like Parkinson’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease Related Movement Disorders, Multiple Sclerosis, or other diseases or conditions that cause movement problems, the term “rehabilitation” implies that we are not able to move as well as we once did.

Rehabilitation is the idea that we can live a more normal life by training our bodies to move in ways that our bodies weren’t able to move before the disease or condition. To put it in more practical terms, we can move more efficiently if we have some sort of intervention that helps restore the muscles and joints to a state of strength and function.

The most common term for any of the various definitions of a rehabilitative device is as a temporary or temporary disability. These are all temporary, but they are designed to be used for a period of time.

The term “retire” is in reference to the fact that the body isn’t working for more than two years. That means that it is no longer in a state of rest, but more like a permanent disability. We take some time each day to get used to the new technique that we’ve developed.

The word retire is a bit misleading as it implies that the body is functioning normally. Our body functions quite well, but is only functioning at the level of the brain. If we were to use the term retire, we might be able to say that the body is functioning better than normal for about 2 years, then it starts to degrade.


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