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panther hollow pittsburgh

This panther hollow pittsburgh from Panther Hollow is my favorite fall/winter meal because I love the combination of meaty roasted turkey and sweet red onion and fall vegetables.

I get to do the cooking in Pittsburgh and I have a lot of fun doing it, especially with some of the amazing flavors you can find in the Pittsburgh area. It’s a great city to eat your way through, but you can also do a lot of things here with your own meaty, roasted turkey. I made a version of this meal a few weeks ago, and it was quite tasty.

I’m not even sure about the meatiness of the meatballs. I had a bit of a taste-testing issue with them, and I kept getting a lot of complaints, because the meatballs look like they’re pretty darn close to perfect. I’m not sure if I like the meatballs, and I don’t like the meatballs in general, but I think they’re really good.

I will say that the meatballs here are not the biggest in the world. I used a mix of boneless chicken thighs and brisket in the meatballs, and I was getting an extra large chunk of fat from all the fat in the meatballs. The meatballs themselves are not bad, but they are small, and they really are not the best meatballs you can buy.

But they are definitely worth a try. The meatballs here are a bit on the expensive side, but they aren’t cheap at all. I think they would probably make an awesome meatball recipe of their own. Maybe use the meatballs as a vehicle for an onion, which is my favorite way to cook onions. It also might be a good way to use meatballs to make a really good meatball broth. That would be really good for you.


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