mike huss pittsburgh

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I am a Pittsburgh-based freelance writer. I specialize in travel, food, and the arts. I am a regular contributor to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, a Pittsburgh Tribune-Review contributor, and the author of the memoir, “The Man Who Forgot to Feed You.

I’m currently a senior manager at a Pittsburgh-based company that writes code and is also the head of my department. I’m also a Pittsburgh native. I’ve lived here for about six years. I’ve been here long enough to know what it’s like to have a job that’s constantly changing and not necessarily rewarding.

Pittsburgh? This is literally the city where the Steelers play, so yes, this is literally where the Steelers live. I also live in Pittsburgh and have been for almost my entire life. Before that, I lived in New York for over a decade, and have always wondered about Pittsburgh.

I like to think of Pittsburgh as a city in which you can go about your life that people have been talking about for so long.


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