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I’m not the only one who is worried about the potential legalization of marijuana. This past year, one of the top stories on the news was the news about the California Highway Patrol arresting a firefighter for marijuana use. Marijuana use is currently classified as a misdemeanor offense, but it is a felony in some states. If convicted, the firefighter would face up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000.

Now, I’m not a firefighter, but that’s the kind of thing that happens in my line of work. And because I’m a smoker myself, the thought of the possibility that I would be arrested for something like marijuana use terrifies me.

The California Highway Patrol is the federal agency that enforces marijuana prohibition. They arrested a firefighter last year after he was caught smoking marijuana on duty. The reason for the arrest was they found he was going through a marijuana “prepackaged” in his car. They found a bag of weed in his car. They also found a marijuana leaf in his pocket. They found a marijuana leaf in his car and a marijuana leaf in his pocket.

That’s actually the first time I’ve ever heard of something like that happening. Marijuana use in the military is extremely rare. We rarely see any of our service members using it, and even if they do its rare to see it in the United States. The California Highway Patrol took him in for possession of marijuana, and he was immediately sent to jail.

It’s hard to say exactly why he was arrested or incarcerated, but the California Highway Patrol says that he was caught with a large amount of marijuana in his car, and that he was also carrying a leaf of the marijuana plant in his pocket.

The US Military is a very serious place. They have rules, traditions, and strict punishments for misconduct. In this case, the man was caught with a large amount of marijuana, and apparently it was also in his pocket. It is illegal to carry marijuana in public, and this is where the marijuana plant comes in. They can’t carry it in their pocket, but they can carry it in a leaf of it.

It turns out the marijuana leaf in his pocket wasn’t actually in his pocket, but a marijuana leaf stuck to his car seat. He was in a car accident and had his seat sprayed with a chemical and the whole seat was covered with it. The chemical reacts with the marijuana leaf and destroys it, and leaves him with a weed leaf in his pocket, with a piece of the plant stuck to it.

This is basically what people who smoke marijuana say is the perfect way to feel high. It’s a perfect way to feel high because it’s all in your pocket. And yes, this is a huge problem. It’s common for people to take the chance of their car seat or other items containing weed and accidentally inhale all of it, instead of taking the risk of the driver of the car, because the marijuana leaf is so sticky. The same is true when it comes to firefighting.

Well, they usually do it because they’re idiots.

Firefighters are trained to handle this sort of situation, but they are also trained to treat it as an emergency. When it comes to marijuana in particular, they are trained to handle it like it is a medical emergency. The problem is that this is a medical emergency, but marijuana is not. Its a legal drug with no medical benefit, so it needs to be treated like a medical emergency.


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