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I have a hard time seeing how it’s a good thing that facebook has a single office in Pittsburgh. I imagine that it is a bit like Google: a giant distraction from the work that I do.

I think there are good things about this office. First of all, it is a single location for all the employees to be in, something that many companies don’t take seriously enough. Second, it is a convenient location to keep the office open and available for social events, which is huge for the company. Third, the one-person shop that you can buy all your new clothes, video games, and video game accessories at is only a mile down the road.

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been working out here for a few weeks now. I’ve only been in the office a few days, but already I’m feeling great. I’m getting in better shape, and I’m getting more comfortable with the equipment I use most in my life, which is basically all I own. I’m also working to perfect my typing speed.

The last time I was in the office I was getting my new laptop, a 32-inch iMac. The one person in the office who owns a Mac is now getting a Mac. And Im going to be in the office for a year or so, so I’m sure Ill be around.

I can’t tell you which office I’m going to be in for a year, because that’s just how long I’ve been in the office so far. I started working there in January, and I’m still here.

My last trip to Denver, Colorado, was to a town called Klamath Falls, Colorado. The people there had a great time here, and their food was fabulous, some of the best, and I was really enjoying my time there. I can’t tell you all that much about it, but it felt good to be in a place that would be so much better.

Klamath Falls is a town that is so much more like Pittsburgh that it can be hard to believe. The small town feels less like Pittsburgh, and more like, well, Pittsburgh. It’s like a college town in Pittsburgh, and the people here are really cool.

I just moved to the area from Pittsburgh and my roommate said it was like an entire town of Pittsburgh. And, of course, we were all there for the same reason – to experience Pittsburgh. If you are in Pittsburgh, you have to go to Pittsburgh. They have their own restaurants, and attractions, and things. There are very few things that I can’t find in Pittsburgh.

I have to say that I have never been to a city that I didn’t love. I grew up in the suburbs, but that’s not the same as being a full-on city, and that’s not the same as just being some random city that I haven’t been to before. But I guess that’s what makes Pittsburgh so special.

I like the fact that you can live your life in Pittsburgh and still be a very good friend to me. I can still be your friend, and I can still be friends with you.


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