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Here at Simply Decor, we’ve always had a cup of coffee in hand when we begin a project. We have a few business cards in our workspace and they have all been created and printed by ourselves, so they are fairly new to us.

When you’re starting out, creating your own business cards is a great way to show your work to a prospective client. But as you gain experience, you can also customize them to fit your specific needs. We’ve heard great things about the new Simply Decor C2 Pro (it’s a new and improved version of our old C2) that allows you to create the exact design you want on cards without a computer.

Its been a few months since we used the C2 Pro and still have no idea what it looks like. Its the ability to design a card without a computer that really comes through in our office, but we also love the new Simply Decor C2 Pro its the most flexible business card app weve ever seen and a great way to show off your work. We actually got a chance to try it out and we absolutely love it.

We love the new Simply Decor C2 Pro because it is the best way to show off your work with a card. Just take a picture of your latest project and upload it to your profile and you can use your C2 Pro to design cards with your work. You can also use templates to create cards that show off your work in a much more professional way. If you’re like us, you might want to consider this as your new go-to business card design program.

We are also big fans of the Simply Decor C1 Pro. The C1 Pro is our favorite because it is so versatile. It includes all the features you would expect to see in a business card, but it also has a feature that makes it even better. It has a contact form that enables you to share your contact information in a professional way with anyone online. You can also design different cards that show off your work like the C1 Pro does.

Personally, I prefer the contact form because it is easier to use. I feel like it’s easier to use than having to copy your contact info off the internet. But, I don’t care. I can even just email you.

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Some of the layers are hidden by default, but the rest can be customized. For instance, instead of having a top menu, the menu will be hidden by default, but you can change that to anything you want. In fact, you can even have a menu that only has a button for it to take you to the homepage. I think that one can be useful to people who spend a lot of time on the site every day.

I’m not going to be a new blogger to cover this section, but I’ll try to write a few links for you.

For instance, you can either have the homepage button take you to a special tab that shows you the latest posts or leave you to browse the site from the homepage. You can also have the homepage button take you to a tab with a list of posts. These don’t appear on the homepage though. Instead, they appear only as tabs.


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