Can you be a firefighter with a medical card?

medical card

I am by no means an expert in the matter, but I do know that a medical card is a good thing for anyone who wants to do one. I have a firefighter medical card, so I can carry a fire hose and a medic-grade kit in my car without having to drive to a hospital.

That’s right. The medical card is a good thing to have because it can be used for anything from driving to emergency medicine to giving blood to patients needing the most basic medical attention. Although I’m not sure if that is why I’m getting a bit of a pushy vibe from a couple of my coworkers, because I would have thought that the card itself would be less useful than the medical attention it could help.

Firefighting is like driving. You have to know how to drive. Not having a medical card would be like having a car that you can drive without having to have a license. Of course, as the saying goes, “without a license you can’t drive.” Not having a medical card would be like not being able to practice medicine.

I’ve had a couple of doctors tell me this “medical” card is useless. I know doctors with medical cards. Most of them are still pretty busy trying to do all sorts of other things. But it’s not like these are the only ones.

One doctor I know who is still practicing medicine does still have a medical card. He told me he doesn’t really need it, but its the best way to get a job. The doctors I know who don’t have any medical card are busy and don’t really need one.

What about those who have a medical card? Do they have any real use? I would think that the people with medical cards would be the most self-aware people in the world. They’d be the ones that are always asking themselves, “why am I here? why am I doing this?” Its not like its some magical ability that makes them immune to all the other annoying shit they do on a daily basis. It just makes sense.

You would think this is just an excuse to get your life in order and to go on a vacation. It probably is not, because there are so many people who are just making excuses to be in the best light.

It’s not about the number of people who can get a few of them, it’s about the fact that you can’t do it at all. That’s not a magic ability. You can get a couple of people who are immune to all the other things they do on a daily basis. That’s not magic.

I could go on, but I want to write a post about it. I know that not everyone is supposed to handle all of this. It’s just that I’m not sure how to handle it. So I thought I would post this post on what I think is the best way to handle it.I would like to do that because it is a good way of dealing with the situation. I want to give you a little background on where things stand.

If you think you can handle all of this, don’t be afraid to give it a shot. I have a few ideas that I think will do the trick.


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