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When the Pittsburgh basketball team joined the NBA in 1920, the team was comprised of players from various colleges, both small and large, as well as those from the local Pittsburgh community. By the time the team moved to the new National Basketball Association (NBA) in 1921, the team had grown to be one of the league’s leading franchises.

The team was based in the city of Pittsburgh, and thus the team’s players all came from the city. That explains why there’s some interesting stories about how the Pittsburgh team made it to the NBA (for example, they lost to the Brooklyn Bridge in the 1922 NBA Finals, a team that had never been to the National Finals in its history).

The team made it to the NBA in 1922 because the city of Pittsburgh was making a concerted effort to build a “new city.” In other words, the city was making it as a first class city, and that was a problem for the team because they were competing for a spot. The team was the second best team in the league, and to make matters more complicated, they were the only other team from the city that was playing in the NBA.

In the early days of the game, the team was a team of two teams. One team was to play in a league with a two-team system, and the second was to play in a league that allowed four team members to play. The idea of a three-team system was that the team members would play in the same league with the same rules. On the other hand, it was a team of four teams.

I’m guessing that the team of four was so that the first team to make the playoffs could move up to the next level, meaning that you would now have a team of two teams, one of which was the team of four.

While we’re on the topic, let me point you towards a good source for all things basketball: the Wikipedia article on “Basketball”. That’ll teach you to search for words in your own language.

The article has some great info on the history of basketball, includes a link to the official logo, and some interesting tidbits about the sport. For instance, if you go through a team’s history you can find out who is the coach, how many players are on the team, who are the starting players, what position they play on the team, and so on. There are also some links to Youtube videos that explain team histories. All in all, it’s very informative.

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