antwon rose petition

leopard, mammal, animal @ Pixabay

This petition started as a petition to help the family with the loss of a loved one. Once we had the name of our loved one attached to it, we decided to start a petition in hopes of getting him or her remembered in the future.

It was pretty well documented and detailed. For more about the story of the new antwon campaign, check out the video in this book.

The petition was approved, and now we are working on a second petition to help more people whose loved ones have passed away. It’s still a long way to go.

We are also hoping to get this petition approved so that we can continue to update it throughout the year. We hope to have it live on the website so you can check it out.

This is why we work so hard on our petitions. We want to be able to contact people in the future, so we have to keep this one up. We are hoping to get it live by summer, and have it up on the website by October.

We are working on getting this petition approved so that we can get some help. It’s very simple, it’s just that we want to make sure that we have it on the site by August. It is almost like a second petition to help the people we have in our community. We are also hoping to get it in the hands of people who have passed away.


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